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ECO Issues is a searchable database for reports of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO).

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Annual Reports More Annual Reports...
15ar cover thumb.jpg 14ar cover thumb.JPG 13ARCoverEN small.jpg
2013/2014: Managing New Challenges 2012/2013: Serving the Public 2011/2012 (Part 1): Losing Touch
2011/2012 (Part 2): Losing Our Touch
Annual Greenhouse Gas Progress Reports More Greenhouse Gas Progress Reports...
2015GHG-cover-thumb.jpg GHG2014 cover image thumb.JPG 2013GHG cover thumb.jpg
Feeling the Heat (2015) Looking for Leadership: The Costs of Climate Inaction (2014) Failing our Future: 2013 Review of the Ontario Government's Climate Change Action Plan Results
Annual Energy Conservation Progress Reports More Energy Conservation Reports...
Planning to Conserve thumb.jpg 2012-Energy.2-Cover.JPG CDM12v1 cover sm.jpg
Planning to Conserve (2014) Building Momentum: Results (2012) Building Momentum: Provincial policies for municipal energy and carbon reductions (2012)
Special Reports and other Publications More Special Reports and other Publications...
SG cover image.jpg 2012 Ready for Change small.jpg 2012 Biodiversity A Nations Commitment, An Obligation for Ontario small.jpg
Smart from Sunrise To Sunset: A Primer on Ontario's Evolving Electricity Grid Ready for Change? An assessment of Ontario's climate change adaptation strategy Biodiversity: A Nation's Commitment, an Obligation for Ontario

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