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1 - No progress
2 - Minimal progress
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Reporting year Recommendation Rating Explanation
2004/2005 1 The ECO recommends that new government laws and initiatives that are environmentally significant be prescribed under the EBR within one year of implementation. Keeping the EBR in Sync with New Laws and Government Initiatives, p. 12 3 Some progress has been made, but few new environmental laws are prescribed within one year; see Ministry Progress sections of past ECO Annual Reports
2004/2005 2 The ECO recommends that all ministries and prescribed agencies actively consult with the Ontario public, using the Environmental Registry, when setting environmentally significant goals and targets for the province’s energy sector 1 worse; consultation continues to be inadequate in energy matters
2004/2005 3 That MAH undertake public consultation on the government’s population growth modeling and projections in order to provide a transparent context for land use planning decisions. 1 No progress
2004/2005 4 That the government expressly identify a lead ministry so that a provincial strategy can be prepared to help meet Canada’s climate change obligations, and that the ministry be provided with adequate resources. 1 Climate Change Secretariat -not done yet, but pending
2004/2005 5 That MNR and MOE immediately post a proposal notice on the Environmental Registry and consult with the public on changes to the Fish Habitat Compliance Protocol drafted in 2004. 5 posted in May 07
2004/2005 6 That MNR require forestry companies to utilize prescribed burns where appropriate, while outlining a direct and supporting role for the ministry in the process. 1 no progress
2004/2005 7 That MNR develop transparent and accountable processes related to approvals for aquaculture operations. 2 progress, but late
2004/2005 8 That ENG establish more substantial targets for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources, consulting the public on the longer term. 2 Targets have been set for 2015, 2020 and 2025 – which have opened the door for renewables but with a notable lack of public consultation (see Integrated Power System Plan)
2004/2005 9 That MTO establish training programs for highway construction staff on how to prevent and minimize environmental damage during road construction, and also establish training standards for environmental inspectors. 1
2004/2005 10 That OMAF, MNR, and MOE review current public policies related to drainage and stormwater management to ensure that ecosystem functions are safeguarded. 1 No progress
2004/2005 11 That the Ontario government remove barriers that discourage commercial landlords with Ontario government tenants from undertaking major energy efficiency upgrades and recouping these costs through increases in rents paid by those tenants. 1 No progress
2004/2005 12 That MNR, in consultation with MOE and MAH, develop a law to ensure that peat harvesting is carried out with minimal ecosystem disturbance, and that appropriate rehabilitation is undertaken. 1 No progress
2004/2005 13 That MNR and MAH develop a coordinated urban forest strategy to protect urban and heritage trees, working together with municipalities, ENGOs and local agencies. 1 no progress
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