Losing Our Touch

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The 2011/12 ECO Annual Report was submitted to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in two parts. Click here for Part 1: Losing Touch, submitted on September 19, 2012. Part 2, Losing Our Touch, was submitted on October 2, 2012. You can download the full report and see all related communications materials here. Click here to read other ECO Reports to the Legislature.

1.0 The Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993

  • 1.1 The Environmental Commissioner's Recognition Award
  • 1.2 Education and Outreach
  • 1.3 The Environmental Commissioner's Annual Site Visit

2.0 Issues in Ecosystems

3.0 Planning Issues

4.0 Water Issues

5.0 Permitting Issues

6.0 Moving Government Forward

7.0 Emerging Issues


  • Appendix A Summary of 2011/2012 ECO Recommendations
  • Appendix B Financial Statements
  • Appendix C Ministry Comments
  • Abbreviations